In august 2008 I set about building a media convergence platform - Initially, I had no idea what would comprise such a beast but I had seen low profile computers looking very much like a media-audio/visual component and had actually bought one of these a few years before (albeit for a different reason).

I had a list of requirements:

  • Have a single energy-efficient, quiet computer to be a centralized file and media server 24/7
  • Never lose important data (again)
    • RAID array
    • Periodic backups to offline storage
    • Offsite backups
  • Central repository for all the personal photographs and media I've collected, never to be lost (again)
  • A DVR for off-air/cable/satellite programming. Enter MythTV
  • Central music repository
  • Be able to host night-time and spider jobs. That sounds dark.

I also wanted to get and stay current with a bunch of different technologies; it's all about satisfying the inner geek.

Hardware Antec Minuet 300, Asus P5L-VM 1394 & Toys
Operating System Linux Fedora 9 (kernel 2.6.25)
DVR Software MythTV